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Company Profile:

Switch2 is the UK’s most experienced and capable provider of end-to-end solutions for community and district heating schemes.

Switch2 offers products and services to serve the entire value chain of a heat network. This extends from the supply and manufacture of hardware (meters, heat interface units, automatic meter reading systems), installation and onboarding, metering, billing and PAYG, operation and maintenance in properties and to energy centres and customer relationship management for residents.

We make a success of heat networks owned by local authorities, housing associations and private developers.

Switch2 has more than 35 years’ experience of delivering solutions to the private and public sector.

We help to optimise energy efficiency, manage renewable energy and focus on well performing schemes, whilst minimising costs to the resident.

We generate 20 million data transactions per year and over 20,000 energy bills per month.

We work across the UK providing services to 70,000 properties on 430 sites and 100 energy centres and boiler houses. We have 52,000 heat interface units and 33,000 PAYG units in the market.

We bring innovation to the industry.

Our award winning Incontro is the coming together of cost and demand in an intelligent energy management system. Incontro is bringing control and flexibility to PAYG through top up apps, remote control and enhanced usage information available to residents.

Our new Celcius T3 ECO heat interface unit is designed to CIBSE Code of Practice guidelines and provides complete connectivity for landlords and uninterrupted service for residents.

Features include; PAYG enabled, integrated meter, electronic control and compact.

Why The Company Joined The Housing Forum:

As specialists in energy saving and cost and carbon reduction solutions for the district heating and community heating market, Switch2 appreciates the opportunity to engage with social housing professionals and to have an opportunity to share best practice and our experience and expertise. One of our core values is supporting the delivery of affordable heat to residents, an issue the company and its employees are very passionate about. We are to discuss the changing landscape of the housing sector and how enhancements in heat networks can benefit housing.


Street: The Waterfront, Salts Mill Road
Town: Shipley
Region: National
Postcode: BD17 7EZ

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