we welcome you to browse and share these key pubilcations that have been put together to advance these important issues facing the uk housing sector and higlight the solutions needed to both policy and pracitce.

The Housing Forum has undertaken work on the topics of planning, procurement, legislation, safety and more over the years and we welcome all ideas for future projects that we might pursue.


Planning validation requirements: Moving to a planning statement approach instead of checklists
This report lays out the extent of evidence required to submit a planning application, and raises questions of whether the planning system is the right ‘home’ for all of these checks.
Streamlining planning to build more homes
A new report by the The Housing Forum, sets out a roadmap for how the planning system can be improved. The report notes that the planning system “is not currently working as well as it should be” and presents solutions to the planning crisis.
Futures Network – Route Map for New Home Delivery
Welcome to The Housing Forum’s Futures Network publication: Route Map for New Home Delivery

The Housing Forum Futures Network is comprised of individuals working across all parts of the housing and construction sector and have created the Route Map for New Home Delivery to map out how different organisations and activities come together to deliver new homes.

The intended audience is everyone working across the housing sector – most of whom are familiar with only some of the stages of building new homes. For instance, architects can learn more about the manufacturing process, or planners can learn more about the process of managing housing after it is built. The aim was to produce a document that could be used as part of the induction process for people new to their companies and to provide everyone with a better understanding of how their role plays its part alongside other activities in the process of new home delivery.
Nov 2022 Better Procurement for Better Homes Supplementary Guidance in a Hyperinflationary Environment
This supplementary guide offers advice on how to procure in a hyperinflationary environment 
Better Procurement for Better Homes
A Housing Forum guide for housing associations and local authorities to procuring for best value, quality and sustainable communities
Highlights from Older & Wiser Report Launch
This report summarises highlights from the launch webinar on 15 January 2021.


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