The Futures Network

The Housing Forum Futures Network is a development programme for high-potential housing sector professionals.

The Housing Forum Futures Network was set up for cohorts of prospective future leaders from member organisations, who are at a promising stage of their development.

Delegates of THE FUTURES NETWORK benefit from personal learning and development, mentoring, workstreams, and events participation. 

‘’Being part of the Housing Forum’s Future Network has been an enriching experience. Mentoring support has been particularly valuable to me – guidance from an experienced housing professional gave me confidence to pursue opportunities for personal and career advancement. In addition, collaborative work with cohort members from diverse backgrounds, to support The Housing Forum’s workstreams, promoted meaningful connections and networking opportunities. ”

Lyudmila Payne, Platform Housing Group Futures Network 2022-23 cohort participant

The aims of The Futures Network   

  • The aim of The Futures Network is to actively support the growth of skills in partnership and collaborative working that both individuals and the housing industry need, to widen diversity and to build new and lasting networks.  
  • Through involvement in the Futures Network, individuals will participate in networking and membership activities, taking responsibility for research and investigations to support The Housing Forum workstreams and deliver outputs to reflect this. 
  • The Futures Network will help widening diversity in the housing sector and will help sustain the future of The Housing Forum as ambassadors as progress in their careers.



Each participant will be assigned a mentor when joining the Futures Network.

The Institute of Leadership ‘MyLeadership’ programme

The Housing Forum will subscribe to enrol participants on The Institute of Leadership ‘MyLeadership’ programme, covering leadership in terms of authenticity, vision, achievement, ownership and collaboration. For more information visit:

Training opportunities

The Housing Forum will provide training opportunities designed to meet the needs of the participants. For instance, in early 2023, The Housing Forum organised a workshop on presentation skills training, focused on gaining practical tools to improve delivery.

Research projects

The Futures Network will work together to research a topic of importance to the housing sector. This will involve contributing to research and data collection and preparing and publishing an outcome from the work.

The second cohort has developed a Route Map which identifies 8 critical stages in housing development and ways to encourage more successful housing partnerships and improved housing delivery. 

Meetings and events

‘’The public speaking opportunities – at last year’s Members Morning, three decarbonisation webinars, The Housing Forum’s Feature session at CIH Housing Brighton, and the National Conference – have been a fantastic outcome from my time in the network.”
Thomas Bugler, Bugler Group Futures Network 2021-22 cohort participant and Futures Network Chair (2023-24)

Participants will have the opportunity to attend The Housing Forum Futures Network meetings, and topical events for personal development. The Housing Forum will create opportunities for Futures Network participants to present during The Housing Forum events. Presentations will focus on sharing findings on research projects developed by Futures Network members.

Stephen Teagle, The Housing Forum Chair, says:

“This Futures Network supports a group of prospective promising future leaders who will be empowered to provide a unique perspective and sustain the future of the work of The Housing Forum, learning from board mentors as they contribute to and promote the benefits of the network during their careers.” 

This article featured in Inside Housing captures the views of 3 members of the first cohort on the impact that The Futures Network has had on them: Inside Housing – Comment – The Housing Forum has helped us develop cross-industry skills and insights 

The Housing Forum is in a unique position to actively support the growth of the skills the housing industry needs and to widen diversity and build new networks.

The Housing Forum Futures Network

2022-23 cohort

Laura Bradshaw, Baily Garner LLP

Sonny Cook MRICS MCIOB, Baily Garner LLP

Leonor Villa Pereira, Bugler Group 

Toby Blunsten-Fox, Durkan

Michael Luttners Tickner MSc, FaithornFarrell Timms

Eva Murzyn, HTA Design LLP

Kwame Ohene-Adu, HTA Design LLP

So Sum Lee MRICS, Inner Circle Consulting

Luis Obregon, Inner Circle Consulting 

Emily Lister, Insite Energy

Cameron Anterkyi, Network Homes

Emma Bailey, Network Homes 

Lyudmila Payne, Platform Housing Group 

Katie Williamson, Platform Housing Group 

Hayley Hayes, Polypipe

Stuart Wood, Polypipe 

Ellie Park, South East Consortium

Nicola Conway, Trowers & Hamlins 

Neil Snyman MRICS, Wates Developments 

Oliver Parker, whg

2021-22 cohort

Ed Richards, Airey Miller

Will Gregory, Baily Garner LLP

Thomas Bugler, Bugler Group

Eleni Stathi Stahi, HTA Design LLP

Phena Mac Namara, Pollard Thomas Edwards

Kotey Nikoi, Pollard Thomas Edwards

Daniel Love CGMA, Polypipe

Stuart Brown, Trowers & Hamlins

Rory Kemp MRICS, Wates Developments

Camilla Buds Wates Developments

The Housing Forum Futures Network chair role has been introduced to provide further leadership and external relations support to the Futures Network members.

The current Futures Network chair (2023-24) is Thomas Bugler, Head of Marketing, Bugler Group

For more information on the work done in the areas of Personal Learning and Development, Mentoring, Workstreams and Events, and to enquire about how your organisation may get involved please get in touch with our Membership Manager