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About us

Embarking on a meticulous journey through Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital building documentation, Parametrix establishes itself as a formidable entity, specializing in the comprehensive digitization of buildings – both modern and heritage – across the United Kingdom.

Our dexterity is notably prominent in Scan-to-BIM, a technique adept at metamorphosing physical structures into pinpoint digital models, having systematically surveyed hundreds of buildings across the UK. Our detailed offerings include Topographical, Hydro, Fire Risk Assessments, EWFRAs, EWS1, Drone Surveys, Energy Assessments, Measured Building Survey, Utilities Surveys, and preciseLaser Scanning, ensuring a broad spectrum of expertise available to our diverse clientele in construction, engineering, architectural design, and particularly, housing building management.

In the crucial realm of safeguarding housing projects against potential risks and ensuring their structural and environmental viability, Parametrix’s multi-dimensional survey offerings come into play. We integrate comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments and External Wall Fire Risk Assessments (EWFRAs) with advanced EWS1 surveys, ensuring optimal safety and compliance with evolving UK building safety regulations and post-Grenfell imperatives. Our expertise also extends to undertaking precise Hydro Surveys, Energy Assessments, and Utilities Surveys, ensuring every aspect of a building’s structural and environmental framework is scrutinized, compliant, and future-ready.

Equipped with a formidable array of technology, Parametrix leads the field in providing comprehensive surveying services, including the innovative application of Drone Surveys and state-of-the-art Laser Scanning, to deliver highly accurate Measured Building Surveys and subsequent Scan-to-BIM models. This dedication ensures accuracy and expertise are maintained when translating physical dimensions into their digital counterparts.

Adopting a transparent and articulate communication approach, we endeavor to simplify intricate BIM terminologies and processes for housing associations and building management professionals, ensuring that even the most complex concepts like digital twins and federated BIM models are transformed into tangible, value-driven insights and applications.From our origins as a drone surveying research start-up to our evolution into a seasoned SME with an expanding, diverse clientele, Parametrix remains staunch in its commitment to elevating BIM and digital twin capabilities, striving to cement our reputation as the UK’s premier BIM consultancy. Despite a global resonance, our services adhere strictly to national standards and regulations, ensuring local relevance and compliance.Align with Parametrix, where pioneering building surveying intersects with practical, strategic application, ensuring that housing associations and building managers are not only compliant but strategically poised in the digitally enriched, safe, and sustainable environment of our constructed world.


Why we joined The Housing Forum

Joining The Housing Forum is paramount for Parametrix, offering us a vibrant platform to synergize with like-minded professionals. Our expertise in Scan-to-BIM and comprehensive surveying from Underground GPR scans to Drone Surveys aligns seamlessly with the Forum’s ethos, propelling our joint vision for sustainable, safe, and innovative housing solutions across the UK.