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Company Profile:

Multi award winning Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH) owns, maintains and manages a diverse property portfolio that includes 57,000 homes making it one of the largest housing associations in the UK.

MTVH provides housing at different levels of affordability for people who wish to rent or buy.

In addition to the above, MTVH offers a range of care and support services. Our specialist areas include older people, mental health and transitional services which provide intensive support to marginalised or vulnerable people.

A member of the National Housing Federation and the g15 – which represents London’s largest housing associations – we are building more homes to address the national shortage of affordable housing.

Why The Company Joined The Housing Forum:

MTVH joined the Housing Forum to connect with cross-sector leaders from across the housing supply chain, keep ahead of the curve with industry-leading insights and take advantage of opportunities to influence policy and best practice.

We also wanted to participate along with other members in stimulating events and produce research group reports that tackle the challenges faced by the sector and advance solutions to deliver both the step change in the numbers and quality of homes.