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Company Profile:

emh group’s social ethos drives its mission to ‘Create Opportunities for People’ and make a difference in our communities .  We are one of the largest providers of affordable homes and care & support services in the East Midlands, with 20,000 properties in over 40 local authority areas across the region.  Our commitment to investing in local communities to tackle issues such as homelessness goes had in hand with building much needed affordable homes. Having been appointed as one of Homes England’s Strategic Partners, the group has significantly increased its development programme to build 600 new homes a year, over the next few years.

Why The Company Joined The Housing Forum:

The Housing Forum has been beneficial to emh group in a number of ways :

  • We have been able to get involved in in broader national issues / challenges with insights across different regions as well as from different perspectives in the sector.
  • Engage with and hear from a range of organisations within the sector in an open, collaborative way.
  • Sharing good practice
  • Attend and participate in workshops and forums on specific  topics and issues which are relevant to us.
  • Keeping housing on the national agenda