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The Egan Report, titled Rethinking Construction, was an influential report on the UK construction industry produced by an industry task force chaired by Sir John Egan, published in November 1998.


Informed by experiences in other industries (notably manufacturing), the Task Force report endorsed much of the progressive thinking already under way, and sought to improve performance through eliminating waste or non-value-adding activities from the construction process. It identified five key drivers of change:

  • committed leadership
  • a focus on the customer
  • integrated processes and teams
  • a quality driven agenda, and
  • commitment to people.

Having put the client’s needs at the very heart of the process, it advocated an integrated project process based around four key elements:

  • product development
  • project implementation
  • partnering the supply chain, and
  • production of components.

Read the full report for practical insights and analysis.

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Read the full report for practical insights and analysis.