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Reset and regenerate: progress within Councils’ homebuilding programmes.

Following an informative Councils Housing Conference in May,  the Autumn webinar was set up with support from The Housing Forum’s Local Council Advisory Group and Councils Network (read more about our Councils Network here).

This webinar, which was held on 17 September 2020, explored progress within Councils’ homebuilding programmes. We looked at how Councils have adapted to coronavirus restrictions, the impact of proposed policy changes, and how the future is shaping up for the sector.

Speakers covered these key topics:

  • Financial challenges and opportunities
  • Looking to the future – how Local Authorities are resetting their housebuilding schedule
  • Planning reform – the possible impact on Local Authority housebuilding
  • Securing value in Local Authority procurement
  • Value of strong client/supplier relationships
  • Estate regeneration case study – Clapham Park
  • MMC – plans for future delivery at scale.

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Featured image: Leeds City Council, Broadlea Street

Steve Partridge, Director, Housing Consultancy


Janice Morphet, Visiting Professor

UCL Bartlett School of Planning

David Ronan, Head of Development & Delivery New Build, Housing Directorate

Islington Council

Bruce McRobbie, Interim Estates Transition Manager, Sustainable Growth and Opportunity Directorate

London Borough of Lambeth

John Skivington, Group Director


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