Quality and Standards

Why this is central to The Housing Forum’s Vision

The Housing Forum which was set up to drive whole industry improvement. Quality is integral to this.

We have a long track-record with calls from improved quality.

Our report “Rationalising regulations for growth and innovation” (2012) demonstrated that the regulation of housebuilding standards was over complex and overlapping.

This led to our 2015 report “The Case for Home Performance Labelling” which demonstrated that a useable product to measure standards like energy performance could be feasible in the broader market.

In 2018 we published ‘Stopping Building Failures’ an industry leading report into how a collaborative approach can improve quality and workmanship.

Insights & Reports

Spotlight Series 2 | Tall Buildings – Securing Safety
This Spotlight webinar is about the safety work currently underway on the housing sector’s tallest buildings. It focuses on a live scheme in Hounslow, West London, with contributions from a team of housing association A2Dominion, contractor United Living and consultants Silver DCC.
Innovation forum with Switch2: Cost effective alternatives to gas boilers for developers
The Innovation Forum debated home heating alternatives and options as we move towards zero carbon and the Future Homes Standard and considered the possible impact on developments in terms of capital cost, storage capacity and on-going performance.
Spotlight on Managing Fire Safety for Clients
Whilst the challenges facing clients on cladding remediation are well publicised, many clients are facing fire related challenges right now to manage an ever changing and uncertain regulatory environment and still deliver the high numbers of affordable housing required. This webinar explores some of the fire related challenges clients are facing now and likely to face in the near future in delivering affordable housing using high risk residential buildings
Spotlight on Hydrogen for Heat in UK Homes
Insights into the Hydrogen concept and its plans to create a viable solution for heating residential UK homes.
Adapting to the Low Carbon Agenda
As target times for carbon reduction gets closer, this concluding webinar in The Housing Forum’s 2020 series - Five Ways with MMC.
Heat Networks: Future Technologies and Meeting Net Zero – Opportunities and Challenges
The way buildings are heated has to change to meet the net zero target. This is an Insight Report from the 8 July 2020 webinar with switch2.


The Housing Forum Manifesto calls for quality throughout the supply chain to:


  • Tackle the legacy of build quality
  • Underpin a commitment to housing supply with strong and effective planning services
  • Reform public sector procurement

What the Housing Forum says about Quality and Standards

“Quality Counts” – our dedicated full day conference in November 2019 and conference report examined the key aspects of quality – in design, in procurement, in build quality and in customer experience.

Procurement reform is a key theme for 2020 amid concerns that quality is threatened by cost driven procurement.

“Stopping Building Failures” is a well-regarded report covering how a collaborative approach can improve quality and workmanship. Its three sections cover procuring for quality, harnessing innovation to prevent defects and building defect free homes.

Innovation through technology is covered in sections on Design for Manufacture and Assembly and Building Information Modelling.

Our “Kitemark for Quality” initiative is taking an on-going examination into whether a Kitemark embedding quality in housing construction could offer greater certainty to insurers by mitigating risk in a time of rising PI premiums.

Quality through the National Design Guide and Building Safety were key topics at our February 2020 Development Partnership Forum.

Building a Safer Future is integral to the Quality Partnership Forums jointly run with NHBC.

Our Innovation Forums offer opportunities to hear about the latest product developments in energy and MMC products.

Consultation responses recently have included Building a Safer Future and The Future Homes Standard.


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