Why this is central to The Housing Forum’s Vision

Partnership working across the supply chain is the key to delivering quality.

It is also fundamental to achieving successful outcomes in complex housing projects which may require site assembly and estate remodelling in areas of both low and high values.

Regeneration schemes may take many years to deliver and rely on local authority and resident support. Joint Ventures and partnering projects help to manage risk and secure investment.

Insights & Reports

Development Partnership Forum
Re-setting regeneration in post Covid times
We examined the characteristics of garden cities, garden villages and new settlements in achieving housing regeneration with a perspective on the impact of Covid 19 on progress and future plans.
Councils Housing Conference Report
This webinar was the initiative of The Housing Forums newly established Local Council Advisory Group and Councils Network.
Cross Industry Perspectives on Covid-19 Issues
The housing industry has to balance safety and the timing of the resumption of key housebuilding activity as the pandemic continues and partnership working has never been more important.
Development Partnership Forum
The New Politics of Housing
We invited a range of speakers to discuss government policies, design guides, safety, competencies and ethics, the green agenda and how to assist local authorities with their housebuilding programmes.
CEO Forum
The 2020 Government and Housing Prospects
What are the housing prospects for the year ahead? The Government’s substantial majority makes it well placed to carry through manifesto commitments to changes in housing.
CEO Forum
Local Council House Building – Planning to Meet Your Needs
Progress has been made in local council’s direct delivery of housing and many councils now are engaging in housing provision in a range of ways.


The Housing Forum Manifesto calls for partnership with government and within the industry particularly through:


  • Political leadership
  • Enable and compel local authorities to commission supply
  • Future Proof the industry
  • A cross party long term plan for housing

What the Housing Forum says about Partnerships, Local Authorities and Regeneration

Our Development Partnership Forums were set up to bring together central and local government and local authority new entrants into housebuilding. Over the past three years we have examined investment, risk, the development life cycle, resident engagement and the role of local authorities in place making. The Development Partnership Forums are backed up with detailed resource packs covering issues in partnership working.

Local Council Practitioner Panels were set up to provide expertise and an exchange network for local councils developing homes for rent and sale. The Housing Forum draws on its extensive network of legal, cost consultancy, project management and site management experts to demonstrate approaches in housing development to local councils who are building again after many years.

The Estate Regneration National Strategy has been the topic of consultation events and seminars in Birmingham and Manchester. Our 2018 seminar “The New Reality – the role, of local authorities in increasing supply” featured presentation from MHCLG’S Director General, Newcastle City Council’s   CEO and Homes England’s Executive Director. Our report “The ABC of Growth and Infrastructure “covered examples of successful housing partnering schemes across the country.

Local Council Membership of The Housing Forum is growing. Devolved groupings of local authorities, GLA, Kent Council and Greater Manchester have been members for a number of years and many city authorities are now joining


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