Why this is central to The Housing Forum’s Vision?

Our focus on the vision of a “Quality Home for All” is due to the long term and abiding shortage of homes that meet the needs of residents. Various regional housing markets may need a specific stimulus which is not covered by national housing policies.

Our analysis is unique and credible. It is drawn from the shared perspective of  a collaborative supply chain, putting forward radical and workable proposals

Insights & Reports

Better Procurement for Better Homes
A Housing Forum guide for housing associations and local authorities to procuring for best value, quality and sustainable communities
Materials and Supply through MMC
What impact and solutions can MMC offer to the materials and supply issues affecting construction and many other industries?
This webinar was held at the end of July 2021 with awareness growing of the impact of supply difficulties on the sector.
Insight report | Spotlight on Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) Toolkit
Fourth in the Spotlight series, the toolkit demonstrates how DfMA methods and technologies can be used in practice as a solution to the housing crisis, advance the uptake of off-site manufactured processes and bring the benefits of design standardisation to the construction sector.
Making decisions with MMC
Too often, there are examples of schemes underway which encounter problems and require a switch of MMC method.
Asset Strategy Forum Insight Report
This second in the 2021 series of Asset Strategy Forums featured partnering case studies for Clarion’s Planned Investment Programme and the digital component in building safety and insight into the building safety case trials.
Spotlight on Project Insurance
The first in a new series of insights and questions on topical issues.


The Housing Forum Manifesto urges an increase in supply and delivery particularly through:


  • Developing more affordable homes
  • Restoring balanced housing markets
  • Later Living accommodation


What the Housing Forum says about Housing Supply and Delivery.

Chief Executive Forums debate barriers to housing supply in many city regions and examine new offers including Build to Rent.

Growth corridors have been examined in depth. Innovation Forums have taken place in Manchester’s Northern Gateway and Development Partnership Forums in the Leeds City Region and the new settlement at Alconbury Weald in Cambridgeshire.

Our working groups carry out in depth reviews of barriers to supply and affordability. Most recently in “Future Proofing Housing Supply” and “Making a Place for Low Cost Housing”.

As MMC becomes a feasible option for the residential sector, we have published our latest guide “MMC for affordable housing developers”. This report builds on our well-received earlier report “More Homes through Manufacture”.

We collate members views on government consultation for new supply – the latest being First Homes.

Our views have contributed to a range of industry reviews including the Affordable Housing Commission, the London Housing Strategy and the Lyons Review.


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