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Company Profile:

Wandle helps people in south London in housing need by building and managing quality homes. We were founded in 1967 as the Merton Family Housing Trust, and have since grown into an organisation with over 7,000 homes across 9 south London boroughs. Our role as a social landlord goes way beyond bricks and mortar. Providing a safe, modern, high quality home for a person or family who truly needs it is just the start. We believe that to really help people in housing need, we need to support thriving communities.

Why The Company Joined The Housing Forum:

Wandle is providing hundreds of good quality new homes to help tackle the affordable housing shortage. We’re really proud that 1,350 bed spaces were created in homes we completed in 2014-15. We’re stepping up our development programme and have set ourselves a target to build 900 much needed affordable homes in south London by 2020.