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Company Profile:

Osborne is one of the UK’s leading family owned construction, civil engineering and property services companies. 2016 marked our 50th anniversary after being founded in 1966 by Geoffrey Osborne.

A civil engineer by training, Geoffrey believed that if you did your very best for your customers and treated them fairly they would trust you and treat you fairly in return. He was proud of the way he ran his company, and we are proud to uphold his beliefs and values and to be part of something special. His son, Andrew Osborne, has been on the Group Board since 2000 and in 2012 took up position as Chairman.

We currently employ over 1000 people across London, the South East and the Midlands with an annual turnover for 19/20 of £380 million. We have expertise across construction, communities, infrastructure and off-site manufacture.

Our Construction Business operates across a broad spectrum of sectors; commercial property, mixed use developments, education, healthcare and housing. We do so with a single approach to deliver the best possible project experience. Our business is organised around teams who can work across the sectors and have established excellent working relationships with key customers and developed expertise based on an awareness of our customers’ needs. As a result the majority of our turnover is via repeat, negotiated and partnering contracts.

Our strategy is to further strengthen these relationships and to add value through the quality and technical excellence of our work. We recognise the importance of understanding the aspirations of our customers, the key issues driving the project, and how the project will impact on the environment.

Why The Company Joined The Housing Forum:

Osborne is a long standing and active member of The Housing Forum.  We value the cross party membership that The Housing Forum brings; providing us with the opportunity to gain insight into how our partners view the challenges and opportunities within our sector.  We are committed to collaboration and partnership working and appreciate the ability to interact with organisations that share this approach to project delivery. Caroline Compton-James, our Director of Strategy and Communication currently holds the position of Deputy Chair of The Housing Forum.