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Company Profile:

Octavia provides thousands of people in London with good quality, affordable, well-planned and well-managed homes, alongside care and support services and community projects.

Watch our Good Homes, Better Lives video to find out about more about how our work improves people’s lives.

Inspired by our founder, the social reformer Octavia Hill, we are a not-for-profit organisation that provides thousands of people with affordable homes in inner London. Like her, we believe that good homes make for better lives.

We aim to build happier lives and resilient communities by focusing on people as individuals, providing them with a range of services and the opportunity to support themselves. We spend any surplus income – whether from our houses or our social enterprises – on investing in our homes and building for the future

As the city continues to change, so will we, always being open to new ideas, whilst remaining true to our fundamental purpose and values.

Why The Company Joined The Housing Forum:

We joined the Housing Forum because it is a good networking body and has regular and  informative meetings.  We support the policy and work areas.