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Company Profile:

Northampton Partnership Homes is an arms-length management organisation (ALMO) that manages Northampton Borough Council’s housing services.

Who we are

We began on 5 January 2015.

We are wholly owned by Northampton Borough Council but we have our own management team and Board of Directors. We are a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) and a not for profit organisation. This means that our income is put back into providing housing and housing related services.

Why The Company Joined The Housing Forum:

To receive the most up to date information on current Housing issues.

Our Chief executive Mike Kay has worked alongside The Housing Forum for almost 20 years and as a consequence recognises the benefits of The Housing Forum, as a membership of like-minded organisations determined to drive quality in design, construction and maintenance of housing through collaboration and innovation. Our vision is to “provide homes which enable people to live in happy and
enriched communities”. Mike is a firm believer of the Egan principles of partnering and collaboration and has installed these principles in NPH as we seek to deliver our vision.
Northampton Partnership Homes (NPH) are a relatively new company formed in 2015, created to make a difference for its tenants through the delivery of quality. Customer focused services. We do this, in part, by collaboration with stakeholders and by working with and alongside similar minded organisations in order to learn form the best and hopefully contribute something in return.
We recognise the benefits of exchanging ideas to develop better practice and the forging of cross-sector relationships. Becoming members of The Housing Forum would assist NPH to build better collaborative approaches to building and maintaining homes:
At NPH we also believe in being creative and innovative and as a new organisation in a very rapid changing sector, we believe we can bring a fresh approach and make a valid contribution by attending events and working group reports which tackle the challenges faced by the sector to deliver a step change that makes a real difference in the sector and for our tenants.