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Council Profile:

Leeds City Council is the United Kingdom’s second largest local authority and provides services to over 789,000 people.  Leeds has a strong and diverse economy and is the primary employment centre for the Yorkshire and the Humber region.  Housing Leeds currently manages over 55,000 properties and we are committed to providing housing of the right quality, type, tenure and affordability in the right places.

The Council House Growth Programme (CHGP) aims to deliver a new generation of new build council housing for Leeds to meet the current and future housing needs of our residents. The target is to deliver circa 1500 new units of high quality social housing over the next five years.  The Programme will also directly contribute to ensuring that “everyone in Leeds Lives in good quality, affordable homes, in clean and well cared for places” which is one of the target outcomes set out in the Best Council Plan.

Why The Council Joined The Housing Forum:

With such an ambitious programme, we are keen to network with other local authorities and leaders in the private sector in order to share ideas and best practices.  We believe the forum will help us to work collaboratively with peer organisations and keep up-to-date with developments and innovations within the housing sector.