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Company Profile:

BLP offers housing warranty insurance, commercial property latent defects insurance and specialist design and build consultancy services for the UK construction industry, including PRS and Build To Rent. Policies are underwritten by Allianz, an AA rated global insurer. Cover has a one-off cost with no annual membership fee, no additional security and no financial bonds.

BLP supports innovation, vision, and creativity in the housing industry. We designed our unrivalled in-house risk assessment system to offer consistent quality across all your projects and help contribute to a better build.

We are one of the lead partners in The Housing Forum’s Home Performance Labelling Scheme which explores how to improve the information available to consumers about the performance of their home. The scheme is a joint venture between BLP, HTA Design LLP and others. A comparison website has been created which compares different aspects of new and existing homes against benchmark performance, ranking each property according to a set of measures, including broadband speed, storage space, estimated energy costs and estimated annual maintenance costs. All metrics are derived from house types submitted by project collaborators and assessed using BIM and BLP’s Butterfly tool.

Why The Company Joined The Housing Forum:

Working closely with The Housing Forum on the Home Performance Labelling Project gave us the opportunity to showcase our knowledge and experience and it became clear that our desire to improve the quality of new homes being built, and the information available to homeowners on those homes, was also key to The Housing Forum.

Collaborating and sharing knowledge and experiences amongst Housing Forum Members has to be beneficial to future homeowners and the industry in general.