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The Housing Forum supports partnership working with councils who have increasing importance and a rapidly growing role in delivering affordable housing.

The Spring Councils Housing Conference agenda will have a focus on planning issues and regulatory reform, supported by The Housing Forum’s Local Councils Advisory Group

The main themes of the two-hour conference will centre on:

Planning and Regulation – Possible impact of planning reforms on planning outcomes and placemaking;

The Affordable Homes Programme,  the National Design Code and Brownfield sites are all areas that this stream will cover.

Viability – dealing with net-zero carbon and biodiversity are key areas when assessing the viability of housing programmes. How is this being dealt with in practice?  This stream will aim to show the innovative programmes underway and lessons learned so far.

Accelerating supply – the Government has a target of 300,000 homes a year being built by the mid-2020s. How is this being supported and what does the current progress look like. With Homes England supporting 4 different types of strategic partnerships what is the mix looking like and the balance between for-profits and not-for-profits?

What are the opportunities provided by rightsizing, rooftop development and wider innovation such as MMC?

How is a sense of place maintained through all this? We will examine for example the role of garden communities and plans for repurposing office space.

Event Sponsors – Bugler Developments

The Housing Forum’s Councils Network  comprising 76 councils in membership is supported by member sponsors

The event will again be chaired John East, Board Member of The Housing Forum; and Interim Strategic Director for Place at Winchester City Council.

Event sponsor:

John East, Board Member of The Housing Forum and Interim Strategic Director

Place at Winchester City Council

Janice Morphet, Visiting Professor

Bartlett School of Planning at University College London

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