• All Frame and No Work...... our Chair, Ben Derbyshire makes comment in Building Magazine

    Published: 08 October 2013 | Author: Laura Waind

    Please see the link below: More...

  • Housing For The Information Age is published today by The Housing Forum.

    Published: 04 October 2013 | Author: Laura Waind

    The report can be viewed online at: This is a report of a collaborative Working Group drawn from the cross-sector membership of The Housing Forum. The report was chaired by Ben Derbyshire, Chair of The Housing Forum and Managing Partner of HTA Design LLP More...

  • Comment from The Housing Forum on Labour’s new commission on Housing

    Published: 01 October 2013 | Author: Anonymous

    The Housing Forum welcomes the Labour Party’s ambition to double the annual rate of home building. The national output was effectively halved in three years when the credit crunch hit in 2008. What we need is commitment to spending, both public money and private equity restoring supply to former levels; faster, if at all possible, than the 12 years the Labour Party plans to take to do it. More...

  • HCA sets timetable for new Affordable Homes

    Published: 20 September 2013 | Author: Laura Waind

    The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) has set out the timetable for implementing the Affordable Homes Programme from April 2015 onwards, to ensure delivery starts on day one of the new spending period. On 18th September Andy Rose, chief executive of the HCA, announced the timetable for implementing the Programme that will deliver the bulk of 165,000 new affordable homes between 2015 and 2018. Bidding guidance will be published at the end of 2013, with bids to be submitted by April 2014. Funding decisions will be made by July 2014. More...

  • The Autumn Networking Conference for The North- now including a Tour of Award Winning Derwenthorpe Development

    Published: 18 September 2013 | Author: Laura Waind

    We are pleased to announce the speakers at the Autumn Networking Conference for the North including Cllr James Alexander- please contact Laura Henderson for full details on this topical programme. BOOKING IS NOW OPEN! More...


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