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As we enter 2012, The Housing Forum’s priorities will be helping to bring about a real change on regulation and getting the best deal for the consumer in response to the Red Tape Challenge.  For us, this means consumers having helpful information the built standard of their home, whether new or old and we’ll be making these points in our response to the “Red Tape Challenge” – the first big issue for housing at the start of 2012. Our priority for 2012 and the theme running throughout our working groups and events for the year will be finding different housing solutions for difficult and challenging times.

Beyond that I’m really looking forward to our major event – The Housing Forum National Conference 2012 at London’s Canary Wharf, on 26th April, 2012.  It’s an Olympic year (you may have noticed) and we’ll be celebrating the achievements of our member organisations in providing, managing and repairing housing in London’s Olympic Boroughs.  Programme details will be out next month, so watch this space for more information.

Looking forward, the details of the Government’s  New Build Indemnity Scheme and Get Britain Building are coming out –a welcome boost for the housing industry.  But constructive though the stimulus for home building for sale is – we also know that the need for rented housing will continue to rise. So it’s both appropriate and very timely that our first Skills Summit in 2012 is on the topic of “The Private Rented Sector: comparing approaches “. We’ll let you know – via our web site – what our key contributors Alex Greaves and Anish Thobhani from Grainger and Andrew Stanford from Stanford Mallinson have to say on the subject and any new ideas emerging from the discussion amongst participants .

This member event gets us off to a great start in 2012- and we have monthly Skills Summits and regular Local Housing industry Leaders Workshops to look forward to. We’ll take a comprehensive cross –sector view of the Mid – Kent market on 26th January visiting Marley’s base in Lenham, and examine the Thames Valley with Stewart Milne in February.  Our comprehensive programme for 2012 is attached for you to download – so please come along and make your membership work for you.

To all our members and supporters– I wish you a great year in 2012.  We’ll be delivering much more membership- based content via our web site and the offer to you of Membership Improvement Plans – so to do this – we will redirect our resources into the areas that members value the most with more web based content to support our focused networking.  All of which will support our drive for advanced and effective solutions to national housing need by providing and restoring many more homes of good standards.

I hope to see you at many of our events in 2012.

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