Apprenticeship Training Initiative

This project was part of the Construction Legacy - London programme which sought to map approaches to the delivery of training and apprenticeships in the housing and regeneration sectors.  The Housing Forum programme worked with 11 active Demonstration Projects from within the five Olympic boroughs. Up until March 2010, The Construction Legacy - London programme operated as a partnership between The Housing Forum and ConstructionSkills. For more information please see the relevant theme page.


Ascham Homes is seeking to reach out to the most deprived areas to access as many ethnically diverse a group as is possible. The intent is to make some impact in the generation cycle of non-working communities and this scheme will drive right to the heart of communities where such habitual behavior is prevalent. Illustrating that opportunities do exist for all members of the community and that there are outlets for those who wish to work provides the basis for this ongoing initiative.

Project team
Lead Ascham Homes
Others Breyer Group
PML Group
Supply Chain and established Training partners
Location London (Olympic Boroughs)

This project seeks to engage all members of the community with opportunity for training and employment. It will be promoted by way of community event and will have both awards for the best trainee, annually and each year will culminate in a community project, selected by the community and delivered by the trainees of that year. The training opportunities will be far reaching and trainees will have opportunity to move between projects to ensure that they have a full work exposure. This will be linked into other training opportunities such as the NRA initiative to illustrate that all people irrespective of the deprivation and hardship that they are suffering do have an outlet to improve themselves and do not need to become involved in illegal activity nor fall into the cyclical downward spiral of unemployment and a ‘benefit’ society.

The innovative aspect to this relates to the employment back into the community which will allow the message of work and associated benefits to be spread. It will also illustrate that people from such deprived areas are prepared to put something back into the community and demonstrate that they really do wish to create an environment of change and improvement.

This Demonstration Project is completed and has now finished.

Key Publications
Construction Legacy - London Final Report 2010
Construction Legacy - London Interim Report 2009
Material Available on the Demonstration Project
Application Form for Demonstration Status: Ascham Homes - Apprentiship and Training Initiative
Knowledge Capture Report: Apprenticeship and Training Initiative August 2009
Construction Legacy Fair Presentation: Apprenticeship and Training Initiative - September 2009
Knowledge Capture Report: Apprenticeship and Training Initiative July 2010
Case Study 2010: Ascham Homes - Apprenticeship and Training Initiative
Project Final Report: Ascham Homes - 21st April 2011
Project Details
Project ID: 3401
Project Status: Completed
Region: London
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